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Ben Lochrie - Guitar

Ben has been around rock’n’roll all his life. His father being a session bass player, at age 4 Ben was introduced to the great Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company. 

“Hello Ben. How are you?” said Paul. When Ben replied “I’ve got nits.” Paul recoiled as if from a blazing furnace. 

And so it has been. 

Watching Aerosmith, Bad Company and Foreigner from the wings, Ben’s first live performance was at only 11 years old when he was invited on to the stage to play Free’s classic “Wishing Well” at Wembley, guesting with Bruce Dickinson and Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden. 

In 2011 while at BRIT school Ben was accoladed with “The Paul Walters Guitarist of the Year Award” which was presented to him by Sir George Martin.

In 2012 at just 19 he played alongside Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Glenn Hughes, Doug Aldrich, Phil Campbell, Paul Gilbert, Brian Tichy and more at The Wembley Arena for Marshall Amplification’s 50th Anniversary Show. 

From the studios of London to Sydney, whether recording for Mel C (Spice Girls), Jason Owen (Australia), The Disney Corporation or legendary producer Youth, whether playing live with Bonnie Tyler, Nik Kershaw or Paul Young, Ben maintains his “blazing furnace” talent as lead guitarist of Go West since 2016. 

“The kid can play…!”


Vinzenz Benjamin - Bass

Born in Vienna, Vinzenz relocated to London in early 2000.

He has worked extensively in the studio and on stage with artists such as Go West, Holly Johnson, Rick Astley, ABC, Tony Hadley, Kim Wilde and many more.


Phil G - Drums

Phil is originally from Austria but has been living and working in the UK since 2004.

While studying at the Vienna Jazz Conservatory he gained experience working alongside multi-platinum selling band Die Seer; 2002 Latin Grammy nominee, Celeste Carballo; Tower Of Power’s legendary frontman Hubert Tubbs as well as touring as drum tech for Terry Bozzio.

His ambition to navigate a more ‘serious’ career in music (prompted by a brief spell of touring the UK), inspired Phil to relocate to London in 2004. He has since enjoyed a versatile and busy schedule both live and in the studio. He has gained invaluable experience from working with amazing songwriters, producers and film composers and touring internationally with established artists and bands. 

Phil joined Go West in 2015. Some of his other engagements have included: Mike + The Mechanics, Nik Kershaw, Ministry of Sound, Roachford, Kim Wilde, Paul Young, Cutting Crew, ABC, Taylor Dayne, Wang Chung, Mike Rutherford, Callum Scott, The London Concert Orchestra, Shawn Escoffery.



Lyndon J. Connah

The ideas and views expressed in Lyndon’s biography are the product of his imagination and belong solely to him. They do not reflect the views of Peter, Richard or of Go West.

Lyndon is the oldest member of the band and has worked with almost every major musical icon of the 20th century. He began working with GO WEST at the beginning of the 21st century although it was at school that he introduced Peter to Richard, suggesting they form a band called ‘NO VEST’ , inspired by the pair’s penchant for wandering about the playground naked. They signed their first record contract after agreeing to change the name slightly.

A pioneering civil rights campaigner in early 20th century America, Lyndon taught his young friend Louis Armstrong to ski in Colorado. Frustrated by Louis’ poor balance, he offered him trumpet lessons instead.

He also founded a dance school and was mentor to a young Fred Astaire, before temporarily giving up show business to become an inventor and obstetrician and in 1935 he delivered a young Elvis Presley by sucking him out of his mother using his own badly patented auto-midwife device. Sadly, the commercial success of his invention was soon foiled by a major lawsuit linking the prototype to the extinction of a rare kind of pygmy tribesfellow.

However, many years later Lyndon was re- united with Elvis, to become the King’s musical director and personal pharmacist until the day Elvis died.

After the lawsuit debacle, Lyndon entered an extended period of depression and then reflection, some horticulture and more depression, then received aninvitation from Ghandi to help conclude discussions with the British to finalise Indian independence. During these talks he became restless and bored, soonrealising a musical fire still raged within, so he rushed home to complete some landscape gardening, and in less than 10 years had signed Bill Haley to his ailing record label.A few years later, while trying to convince Elvis and Cliff Richard to stop demeaning themselves in banal beach flicks and invest in his new, badly patented ‘waterproof toast’ device, he took a call from a young, unknown and panic-stricken Paul McCartney, who begged him to fill the drum chair left vacant by Pete Best, in his newly-signed band, after an ultimatum from George Martin. Lyndon agreed, on condition that everyone call him ‘Ringo’ or ‘Olivia Newton-John’. After late-night discussions between the three Beatles, it came out 2-1 in favour of the latter. Martin later vetoed this. A rollercoaster ride through the 1960’s ended abruptly on August 29, 1966. A blazing row had erupted two hours before The Beatles were due to hit the stage in front of 25,000 fans in San Francisco on the last night of the tour. Paul had refused to allow Lyndon to use his new, badly patented invention, on stage: the world’s first electronic drumkit, made almost entirely from discarded beards. Lyndon bit Paul’s ear, and after the show announced he was leaving the band. The Beatles never toured again.


Lyndon’s favourite things: Gyroscopes, anchors and puns.

Lyndon’s least favourite things: Compasses, plumblines and The Patent Office.

Lyndon’s Life Philosophy:

1) Do As You Would Be Done By.

2) Never Buy Anything That Costs More Than £86 Or Less Than A Pencil.